What Does A Bathroom Fitter Do?

What Does A Bathroom Fitter Do?

Bathroom Fitter Job Description. What does a bathroom fitter do? What do bathroom fitters cost?

Trade Description:
Bathroom fitters install almost all aspects of a bathroom – including showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets and storage units.

Bathroom Fitter Tasks:

  • Measuring out work areas according to layout and design plans
  • Removing and disposing of old units and suites
  • Marking the location of hidden pipes and cables
  • Measuring and cutting surfaces, recesses and joints
  • Fitting units and appliances
  • Tiling walls and laying flooring
  • Clearing away debris at the end of the job

The working week typically is 40 hours per week. Depending on the project size can involve individual or teamwork.

Here are some general things that bathroom and kitchen fitters are doing on a week to week basis.

Measuring – When you’re working with confined room spaces, you have to be very exact about the materials you’re using, fitting and the amount of space you’re working with and taking up.

Physical – It’s a physical job. One day you might be carrying a cast iron bath up 3 flights of stairs, another day, you might be ripping out kitchen or bathing units from their infrastructures in preparation for the new units you will install.

Tools – You’re going to have a selection of tools and equipment that you’re going to need to acquire and maintain that you’ll be using every day. Maintaining is important to think about here. Tools don’t last forever but you should treat them well so you aren’t always having to fork out for new tools. Invoicing and Paperwork – When a job is complete you’re going to need to know how to create an invoice or find some software online that helps to do it for you. This is a physical and hand on job, but there’s always going to be writing and invoicing involved with most professions, as with bathroom and kitchen fitting.

Temporary setups In this line of work you aren’t going to have an office or ‘permanent’ setup where you’ll be doing most pf your work. This means you’re going to need to be comfortable in moving around a lot and not always having a stable place that you’re working from on a day to day basis. Some people are going to like this more than others. Personally, we’re absolutely fine with it and think it’s good to have the different environments month to month.

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