Traditional Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Traditional Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for a bathroom design that will stand the test of time and yet remains distinct and trendy, a traditional bathroom design should be an option for you. The design is available in numerous types and style but each style is luxurious, elegant and classic. No matter the traditional bathroom design that appeals to you, there are plenty of suitable traditional styled bathroom fixtures and accessories such as vanities, faucets, bathtubs, mirror and cabinet to install in your bathroom in order to give it the perfect look you want. Here are some traditional bathroom design ideas that you can choose from.

Stone enclosure

This is a unique traditional bathroom design that features a glass door which provides uninterrupted view of the back wall from the entrance of the bathroom. Slate tiles are used for the shower and this gives it a warmth outlook. The entire bathroom space is easy to furnish with mix of stunning fixtures and dramatic surfaces thanks to the organic and earthy palette of the bathroom.

Historical perspective

This traditional bathroom design is suitable for small sized bathroom. In this design, natural stone surface and dark wood stains are combined in a dramatic and elegant manner. Its doorway is made from a veneer that looks like a stone. This aspect of the design will help to give the bathroom a historical and old-world look.

Spouting elegance traditional bathroom design

This is an impressive traditional design that you can choose. The design features  an elegant and strong granite countertop and awesome slate access wall. The vessel of the sink of this traditional design is available in copper patina and weathered texture. It features a countertop that is made from granite while the sink is embellished with a sleek weathered texture. The bathroom is graced with arched wall-mount faucet.

Vanity style

Vanity style of traditional bathroom  is a suitable option for small size bathrooms. Features that will make the bathroom not to look very congested are used to decorate it. Multipurpose items are installed in the bathroom so that it will not look very congested. So, if your bathroom is not spacious, you can choose this traditional design of bathroom.

Traditional warmth and luxury design

This traditional style was designed by Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier. It is suitable for beach houses. The master bath in this design has two bowl sinks and a symmetrical looking console. The main defining features of this house are color and richness. If you have a beach house and you prefer a traditional design bathroom, you should opt for this design.

Long Island Master Bath

This design is developed by David Kleinberg a well known house designer. A French iron console with a sink stand is the focal point of a bathroom with this design.

Dark and glamorous design

This style is also developed by David Kleinberg. It is a brass theme style. It features a bronze marble vanity. It has a small bath which is made to appear large with a wall painted in a deep brown color. It is a suitable traditional bathroom design for a guest bathroom.

The above are some of the traditional bathroom designs that you should choose. Before you choose any of them, there are certain factors to consider which include the general design of your house, the size of the bathroom as some designs are suitable for small size bathrooms, the bathroom usage (some designs are more suitable for master’s bathrooms while some are perfect for visitors’ bathrooms) and your budget (some designs are more expensive than others). With the above factors, you will not go wrong in your option. If you make the right choice, your bathroom will not only be functional but also beautiful.

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