Bathtub Shopping Guide

Bathtub Shopping Guide

Your bathroom bathtub is one of the most important accessories in your bathroom. It is regarded as the centre of your bathroom attraction and functionality. Given this, it is important that you make a right choice if you are building a new home or when it is time for you to remodel your bathroom. The choice you make can make or mar the functionality and beauty of your bathroom. It is available in a number of colors, sizes, types and materials. Here are some tips to get you started if you are shopping for a new bathtub.

Consider usage

One factor that you should not overlook when you are shopping around for a bathtub is the usage. You have to consider how often you plan to use the bathtub, the number of people that will use it, whether you will just shower there or fill it with water and soak yourself there. The usage will determine the type of bathtub you will buy. For example, if you like relaxing in the bathtub and get refreshed as you enjoy long relaxing soak, you will need to buy large soaking bathtub. A small size or moderate size may be an option for you if you just plan to shower there or just install it for aesthetic purposes. If you are married and you plan to use it together with your wife, then you should consider buying a large size type.

Consider the available space in your bathroom

Bathtub normally occupies large space than other bathroom accessories. But it is available in different sizes to suit different bathroom size. You should always consider the available space in your bathroom when you are shopping around for your bathtub. You don’t have to buy a size that will congest your bathroom. Walk-in tub should be an option for you if your bathroom is not spacious. but if your bathroom is spacious, you can choose large size of bathtub.

Installation consideration

Before choosing any type of bathtub, you should always consider how it will be installed in your bathroom. Some of the factors to consider here are the location of the drain, the placement of shower enclosure if you need it and the design of the bathroom. These factors will determine the type and design of bathtub you buy. For example, if your bathroom has oval design, rectangular shaped bathtub may not fit into the bathroom design. You may require a spherically shaped bathtub.

Consider the material of the tub

There are different materials used in making tub. Some of these materials are acrylic, cast polymer, cultured marble, enameled cast iron, enameled steel, fibre glass and solid surface. Each of these materials has its strength and downsides. They are also sold at different prices. But when you want to make a choice of material, you should always consider durability, color, appearance, cost and how it fits with other accessories in your bathroom. Acrylic and porcelain materials are more durable than fiberglass but are most expensive. However, while fiberglass goes with drop-in tubs, acrylic and porcelain fit free-standing tubs. Some materials like enameled steel are available fewer color choices.

Consider the style

Bathtubs are available in a number of styles to suit different preferences and bathroom designs. The right style depends on the look you want to obtain. If you want to give your bathroom a classic look, a clawfoot tub may be the right option for you. But if you prefer a modern look, then you should consider installing free-standing bathtub. For a luxury look, you can opt for a walk-in tub especially if your bathroom is not spacious.

The cost

Bathroom tubs are available in different price tags depending on the quality, material used in making it and the seller. Free standing bathtubs are more expensive than drop-in tubs. Before you begin shopping around for your bathroom tub, you should first of all make a budget. Though, it is always advisable to go for the best your money can afford, you don’t have to go on empty stomach or increase your debit by buying expensive bathtubs. Always determine on time, the amount you are willing to spend on your bathtub and stick to that.

Consider the ease of maintenance

Some bathtubs are easier to clean and maintain than others thanks to the material used in creating them. Always go for a type that you can easily maintain and clean. If you are the type that have no time to clean around the house always, then you have to look for a type that is easy to clean otherwise you will create a favorable environment for mold to develop in your bathroom due to your inability to clean your bathroom.

Choose the right color

Tubs for bathrooms are available in multiple color choices. Each color is good in itself. However, you should always choose a color that will match with the entire bathroom decor. 

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