Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tiles are available in a number of colors to suit different preferences. Regardless of the type of tile you want, you will find it in different colors. When you want to buy your bathroom tile, you should always consider your tile colors because the look of your bathroom depends to a certain extent on the color of your bathroom tiles. If you make a wrong choice then, your bathroom will not look great but the reverse will be the case if you make a great choice. There are a several factors to take into consideration when it is time for you to choose your bathroom tiles. Here are some of the handy color choosing tips and tiles decorating ideas to help get started.

Choose where to tile and the tile type to use

The first step to take before deciding on the right tile color is to choose the area to tile and a tile type suitable for the area. Do you want to tile your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bathroom, floor, walls or countertops? When you have decided on where to tile, you can now decide on the tile type to be used. Below are various types of tiles that you can choose from:

  • glass tiles suitable for bathroom and other areas that need upscale and polished look
  • stone tiles suitable for bathroom neutral and natural appeal
  • ceramic tiles suitable for damp environment or areas where water is normally used
  • porcelain tiles suitable for bathroom because of their low absorbency strength

Choosing your bathroom color

Now that you have decided on where to tile and on the type of tile to use, it is time to choose the right tile colors. When choosing the color of your bathroom tile, you should always consider the color of other accessories in the bathroom or the overall decor of the bathroom, the size of the bathroom, the general theme of the bathroom design and style of other fixtures in the bathroom.

Light and vibrant colors are more suitable for small bathroom because such colors will not only make the bathroom look brighter, they will also make it look spacious. Darker colors are more suitable for larger bathroom. Whether you are choosing a light or darker color, it should match with the decor of your bathroom and the color of other fixtures in your bathroom otherwise there will be color riot in your bathroom and this will affect the look of your bathroom. If you want to tile around the existing fixtures in the bathroom, you should use a tile color that goes with the color of the fixtures.

Earth tones for natural look

If you want to obtain a more natural look in your bathroom, you should consider using earth tone tile colors. They are a great match for neutral furnishing, metallic hardware, floor rugs and white, gray or beige towels. Some of the types of tiles available in earth tones are natural stone tiles like marble, slate, granite and travertine tiles. Most natural stone tiles are slip-resistant and thus suitable for bathroom use. You can also find ceramic, porcelain or ceramic tiles in earth tones.

Vibrant hues

Bathroom tiles are also available in vibrant colors such as strawberry red, royal blue, bright lavender, sunny yellow and others. Such colors can be suitable match for white walls. Such types of tile colors make your bathroom to be bright, fun and cheerful. They are suitable options for a small size bathroom as they will help to make it them look brighter and more spacious.

Laying your tiles

Another important factor to consider regarding your tile color is the arrangement of your tile or the manner in which your tile is laid especially if you are using multicolored tiles or different colors for floors and walls. Make sure each color matches with the rest of the colors. In this way, you will create a perfect look.

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