Bathroom Style Guide, Design Ideas

Bathroom Style Guide

Design Ideas

Bathroom Style Guide, Design Ideas

If you are building a new bathroom or you’re remodeling your bathroom, you have multiple options of bathroom designs to choose from. You need to go the extra mile in researching the available options because the functionality and beauty of your bathroom depend to a large extent on your bathroom design. So, functionality and aesthetic are two important factors that will guide you when you want to decide on the right design for your bathroom. The bathroom design styles guide given below will be of help to you.

Searching for bathroom design ideas and options

It is important that you take time to gather ideas and research your options for bathroom design styles. There are several sources where you can get bathroom design styles ideas as well as available options. The internet is a nice platform to start from. You will get a lot of bathroom design ideas and options online. You will also find helpful ideas from bathroom remodel magazines. A lot of these magazines provide bathroom design styles ideas and options with images to enable homeowners make the right option. You can also ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors who have remodeled their bathrooms before how they went about it. If you research extensively using various sources mentioned above, you will be able to find a design that will meet your requirement and fit your entire home decor.

Various bathroom design styles

Classic or traditional style: Traditional or classic bathroom styles are suitable options for homeowners who are less experimental and more straightforward. These design styles look like bathroom styles of historical and colonial era and those of 20th century. They feature period-authentic touches in terms of their tile, color schemes and fixtures.

Modern and contemporary design styles

These styles are suitable match for modern and contemporary styled homes. They normally feature the curves of midcentury modern design as well as its angular corners. They are often given contrasting patterns and textures in order to create not just a forward-looking design but also a classic design.

Eclectic bathroom design styles

These styles are quite popular among homeowners. Different kinds of elements are professionally brought together in electric bathroom design styles in order to create impressive, playful and striking visual appeal. Decorative items and items that feature awesome artworks can be used for these bathroom styles in order to create a great aesthetic.

Rustic, country-style bathroom design styles

These styles also appeal to many homeowners. They are suitable options for homeowners that prefer the outside environment and will like to bring it inside. Natural materials and other elements that reflect nature such as plants and flowers are extensively used in these designs. Strong and classic porcelain toilets and tubs, unfinished or reclaimed wood for furniture or cabinet and decorative patterns such as plaid, gingham, toile and linen are utilized in an impressive manner in rustic, country-style bathroom design styles. They are suitable designs for down-home homeowners.

Romantic, European or Victorian designs

Light colors such as blues, pinks and yellows are used together with tufted seating and light in these designs. They are defined by softer, playful and fanciful approach. Gold or silver mirror frames are often added to these styles. There are some of these styles that feature elaborate flora and fauna decorations.

Besides the above mentioned bathroom design styles, there are other design styles that are peculiar to a particular race or region. For example, there is the Tuscan bathroom design style which sprang up among the Italians. There are also French style bathroom which is decorated with study wooden furniture, elaborate tile work, dark and light colors and mirror frames unlike the Tuscan designs that feature earth tones and terra-cotta.

The above are some popular styles that you can choose from. There are still more bathroom design styles not mentioned here and hopefully, more will be introduced in the future. If you do extensive research you will find a suitable option.

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